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Diagnostic Lamp FAMED SOLIS 30 Diagnostic Lamp FAMED SOLIS 30

Diagnostic Lamp FAMED SOLIS 30

Our new diagnostic lamp SOLIS 30, thanks to its

Our new diagnostic lamp SOLIS 30, thanks to its construction and lighting properties has been designed mainly for the use as a main source of light in consulting and examination rooms, as well as in delivery wards. The lamp is intended to be used for spot illumination of the patient’s body with the purpose to facilitate diagnosis or assessment of treatment progress.

In SOLIS 30 lamps a source of light are LED diodes with an extensive luminous flux and high colour temperature of the emitted light. LED diodes have a very long service life of up to 50 000 working hours. The light of this lamp is similar to daylight, but it does not emit any IR radiation which causes heating of surfaces. A new, ergonomic shape of the lamp head enables easy cleaning and ensures a high level of protection of the lamp enclosure.

Lamps of SOLIS 30 series ensure a low cost of maintenance owing to the fact that replacement of LED diodes is unnecessary, as well as because of a very low consumption of energy. Lamps are equipped with light intensity regulation, allowing a smooth adjustment of light intensity according to the current needs. The additional element of the lamp is a spot light supplied from the USB socket installed in the lighthead.

Rp. 50.000.000,-
ECG Mindray Beneheart R12 ECG Mindray Beneheart R12

ECG Mindray Beneheart R12

Features BeneHeart R12 delivers rapid and accurate


BeneHeart R12 delivers rapid and accurate ECG diagnosis to help you meet a varity of clinical demands.

Environment and Modernization

Paperless process delivers faster patient testing and reduces the use of costly ECG paper
· Full print preview image helps you decide if an immediate repeat of an ECG recording is needed, giving you a faster workflow than ever before;
· Preview image for instantaneous on-screen review allows you to send data to the ECG management system without printing;
· Review on screen helps you to retrieve previous ECG reports at any time.

Quality and Performance

Easy to use technology saves you time

· 8-inch high-resolution colour display

· Optional touchscreen

· User friendly workflow buttons

· Modern designed soft touch hotkeys

· Standard keyboard layout

· Patient demographics can be retrieved from the worklist

· Anatomically designed cable to minimise tangling and lead reversal

· Optional barcode scanner for rapid input of accurate patient demographics

Rp. 27.000.000,-
Microscope Olympus CX-23 LED Microscope Olympus CX-23 LED

Microscope Olympus CX-23 LED

 • Ergonomic grips add safety when

 • Ergonomic grips add safety when retrieving the microscope from high places

. • Colored grips indicate the appropriate places to hold the microscope

. • Smooth, rounded design eliminates sharp edges

. • The CX23 microscope is one of the lightest in its class, with a total weight of approx. 5.9 kg (13.01 lbs). 

• The arm is angled to keep user’s wrists in a comfortable, neutral position

. • The eyepiece can be fi xed in place to help prevent damage or loss during transportation

. • A rackless stage and stage cover enable safety and stability during long periods of use.

Rp. 16.000.000,-

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Rp. 62.500.000,-

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Rp. 3.500.000,-

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