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Diagnostic Lamp FAMED SOLIS 30

Our new diagnostic lamp SOLIS 30, thanks to its

Our new diagnostic lamp SOLIS 30, thanks to its construction and lighting properties has been designed mainly for the use as a main source of light in consulting and examination rooms, as well as in delivery wards. The lamp is intended to be used for spot illumination of the patient’s body with the purpose to facilitate diagnosis or assessment of treatment progress.

In SOLIS 30 lamps a source of light are LED diodes with an extensive luminous flux and high colour temperature of the emitted light. LED diodes have a very long service life of up to 50 000 working hours. The light of this lamp is similar to daylight, but it does not emit any IR radiation which causes heating of surfaces. A new, ergonomic shape of the lamp head enables easy cleaning and ensures a high level of protection of the lamp enclosure.

Lamps of SOLIS 30 series ensure a low cost of maintenance owing to the fact that replacement of LED diodes is unnecessary, as well as because of a very low consumption of energy. Lamps are equipped with light intensity regulation, allowing a smooth adjustment of light intensity according to the current needs. The additional element of the lamp is a spot light supplied from the USB socket installed in the lighthead.

Rp. 50.000.000,-

ECG Mindray Beneheart R12

Features BeneHeart R12 delivers rapid and accurate


BeneHeart R12 delivers rapid and accurate ECG diagnosis to help you meet a varity of clinical demands.

Environment and Modernization

Paperless process delivers faster patient testing and reduces the use of costly ECG paper
· Full print preview image helps you decide if an immediate repeat of an ECG recording is needed, giving you a faster workflow than ever before;
· Preview image for instantaneous on-screen review allows you to send data to the ECG management system without printing;
· Review on screen helps you to retrieve previous ECG reports at any time.

Quality and Performance

Easy to use technology saves you time

· 8-inch high-resolution colour display

· Optional touchscreen

· User friendly workflow buttons

· Modern designed soft touch hotkeys

· Standard keyboard layout

· Patient demographics can be retrieved from the worklist

· Anatomically designed cable to minimise tangling and lead reversal

· Optional barcode scanner for rapid input of accurate patient demographics

Rp. 27.000.000,-

Microscope Olympus CX-23 LED

 • Ergonomic grips add safety when

 • Ergonomic grips add safety when retrieving the microscope from high places

. • Colored grips indicate the appropriate places to hold the microscope

. • Smooth, rounded design eliminates sharp edges

. • The CX23 microscope is one of the lightest in its class, with a total weight of approx. 5.9 kg (13.01 lbs). 

• The arm is angled to keep user’s wrists in a comfortable, neutral position

. • The eyepiece can be fi xed in place to help prevent damage or loss during transportation

. • A rackless stage and stage cover enable safety and stability during long periods of use.

Rp. 16.000.000,-


BeneHeart D3, BeneHear t D3, is one compact, light

BeneHeart D3, BeneHear t D3, is one
compact, light weight defibrillator integrated manual
defibrillation, monitoring, pacing and AED functions.
Quick charging and shock delivery at customized
energy levels ensures effective resuscitation. Its
smart vital signs monitoring function of ECG , SPO 2
and respiration can improve diagnosis efficiency and
quickly indicates the effective defibrillation.
IP44 water and dust proof level assures D3's reliable
performance in all suitable clinical environment.

Rp. 62.500.000,-

Operating Table GEA DS-01

Meja Operasi Elektrik DS-01 Meja Operasi dengan

Meja Operasi Elektrik DS-01

  • Meja Operasi dengan Sistem Electric
  • Panjang dan lebar meja (1960 mm x 480 mm)
  • Minimum dan Maximum ketinggian untuk meja (≤ 500mm, ≥ 800mm)
  • Power 220V, 50 Hz daya 1.0 kW
  • Penggunaan untuk berbagai jenis operasi
Rp. 95.000.000,-


Its waist level column, wide LCD display, die-casting

Its waist level column, wide LCD display, die-casting tread platform with anti-slip mat and precise weighing results make it a perfect weighing medical scale for congested clinics. Diagnosis of obesity is also easy with the integrated BMI (Body Mass Index) function. Height data can easily be taken by digital height rod and transmit to MS4900 digital medical scales for BMI function use. Even you can press print button to print out your weight, height, and BMI through TP2100 thermal printer.

Rp. 9.000.000,-


Mindray BeneHeart R3 The Mindray BeneHeart

Mindray BeneHeart R3

The Mindray BeneHeart R3 is a 3-lead ECG machine for resting ECGs. This machine is easy and comfortable to use thanks to shortcut keys. With its compact design and light weight, the Mindray R3 is exceptionally suited for mobile use; the ECG readings can be easily transferred to the practice PC via a USB stick. The BeneHeart functions as a writing pad for the ECG print-out, so the doctor can add notes and signature to the ECG print-out immediately after it has been recorded.


Product Details for the Mindray BeneHeart R3

  • 3-lead resting ECG
  • With evaluation and interpretation (based on the University of Glasgow algorithm)
  • 5" TFT LCD colour display (resolution: 800 x 480)
  • Modes: auto, rhythm, manual
  • With built-in thermal printer
  • Internal memory for up to 800 ECGs
  • With integrated lithium-ion battery (6 hours uninterrupted operation or approx. 500 ECG records on full charge)
  • Battery or mains operated
  • Shortcut keys for easy operation
  • Data transfer possible via USB stick (PDF format)
  • Defibrillation-proof
  • Dimensions: 5.6 x 26 x 19.4 cm
  • Weight: approx. 1.2 kg (including battery)
  • Use with folded paper or rolls


Delivery Contents :

  • Mindray BeneHeart R3 ECG machine
  • Battery
  • Mains adapter
  • ECG cable
  • 2x50 adhesive electrodes
  • 6 suction electrodes
  • 6 Button adapters
  • 4 Extremity clamp electrodes
Rp. 13.500.000,-


Spirometer Portable Autospiro AS-507 Produsen (

Spirometer Portable Autospiro AS-507

Produsen ( Merek) : MINATO MEDICAL SCIENCE Co, Ltd ( JAPAN) 
Spirometer Portable Autospiro AS-507 alat untuk mengukur kapasitas paru-paru dengan menentukan volume udara, mendorong ketika menghembuskan napas.
Pada tampilan dalam waktu-nyata grafis menampilkan pengukuran dan nilai-nilai parameter yang diukur, itu memungkinkan operator untuk segera melihat hasil pengukuran.
Fitur sangat berguna untuk koreksi otomatis grafik di derivasi dari layar membuatnya lebih mudah untuk dinavigasi ketika berhadapan dengan pasien yang berbeda.
Built-matrix printer mencetak semua kinerja izmeryakmye spirometry rekaman. Mencetak salinan kertas berguna untuk jangka panjang penyimpanan. Diukur data dan grafik, dicetak di atas kertas salinan dalam bentuk yang nyaman untuk analisis komparatif.

Rp. 46.000.000,-


DESCRIPTION : BT-350 LCD is an Antepartum Fetal


BT-350 LCD is an Antepartum Fetal monitor displaying FHR, UC, and FM on the LCD screen to check fetal health. BT-350 LED has the same functions as LCD type except having large 7-segment LED showing all the setting parameters and not having trend mode. It has also a event marker enabling a pregnant woman in the oed to indicate fetal movement point by pushing the button herself when she feels fetal movement. BT-350 indicates FHR as numeral by irradiating ultrasound at the aodomen, abstracting doopler frequency of heart oeat cycle from the signals reflected from fetal heart, and outputting FHR change as s sound, and analyzing these signas. Bes des, you can measure UC oy using pressure sensor. BT-350 prints FHR, UC, and FM on the thermal paper and displays them on the LCD display. Especially, the doppler probe has 9 crystal sensers for catching FHR effectively, and it is water-proof type. BT-350 has 2 kinds of installation functions such as notebook, and wall mount.


  • 7 inch wide TFT color LCD display
  • Up to 150 patients data saving.
  • Fetal heart sound play and record in PC
  • Rotating screen.
  • Multiple language support
  • Built-in quick guide (LCD Type)
  • Waterproof probe


  • BCM-330/BCM-350 (PC interface-central monitoring system)
  • Remote control up to 8 monitors
  • Wire(RS-232C)and wireless(Bluetooth) connection
  • Network system by LAN connection(BCM-350 only)
  • Remote real-time picking-up fetal heart sound(Patent)


Rp. 14.500.000,-


Ulasan Kualitas gambar yang baik, alur kerja yang


Kualitas gambar yang baik, alur kerja yang mudah dan cukup ringan untuk dapat dibawa dengan mudah, adalah beberapa fitur DP-10, generasi baru alat USG hitam & putih Mindray. Dengan platform baru berbasis prosesor Intel yang kuat, DP-10 akan memberi Anda pengalaman USG yang lebih.


Pencitraan Harmonik Jaringan (Tissue Harmonic Imaging)

Memanfaatkan harmonik kedua yang dihasilkan dari lapisan-lapisan batas jaringan, THI secara signifikan meningkatkan resolusi kontras dan meningkatkan kualitas gambar terutama untuk subyek yang secara teknis sulit.


Pencitraan Spesifik Jaringan mengoptimalkan kualitas gambar berdasarkan sifat-sifat jaringan yang dipindai. Empat opsi pencitraan yang tersedia termasuk umum, otot, cairan dan lemak.


untuk mendapatkan informasi diagnostik yang lebih baik melalui gambaran struktur anatomi yang diperluas pada semua probe convex dan linear.

Alur Kerja

Mentransfer gambar dan laporan ke PC secara langsung melalui kabel jaringan


Sistem Manajemen Informasi Pasien dari Mindray yang memungkinkan Anda untuk menggabungkan, meninjau, menyimpan dan mengambil data pasien secara efektif


Mekanisme penyempurna gambar yang terdiri dari berbagai parameter


· Monitor LED 12.1” yang dapat dimiringkan 30 derajat

· Keyboard silicon backlit dengan panel kontrol yang mudah digunakan

· Desain yang ringan dan ringkas untuk mobilitas yang mudah

Rp. 22.000.000,-

Headlamp LED Bistos BT-410

Features : - Ultra bright LED light with high density

Features :
- Ultra bright LED light with high density LED
- Easy to adjust head strap and angle
- Extensive LED lifetime (more than 50,000 hours)
- More than 4 hours of continuous use
- Easy to recharge, Recharge Up to: 800 times
- Illumination: 15,000 lx (at 25 cm working distance).
- Color Temperature: 6,000 Kelvin.
- Weight: 119 gr.
- Headband Size: 534 - 638 mm.
- Light type: fixed type

Terdiri dari :
- Headlamp dengan headband yang bisa disesuaikan bagian atas dan belakang, terbuat dari plastik yang tahan lama.
- Dilengkapi lapisan penahan keringat di yang dikancingkan pada headband. (bisa dilepas pasang dan mudah dibersihkan)
- Lampu depan dengan mode fokus
- 2 baterai tanam dan adaptor 4.2V
- petunjuk penggunaan


Rp. 1.250.000,-

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