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Surgical Mobile Suction Elmeslar SA02HT

The “LIFETIME” Surgical Aspirator has been

The “LIFETIME” Surgical Aspirator has been designed
to use in operation theaters during surgical operation to
take off the accumulated liquids in the operated resign
of the patient and for application in Gynecology and
Dermatology (liposuction).
The electronically controlled foot paddle and selection
of variable capacity accumulation jars give wide range of
working facilities to the operator.

Rp. 25.000.000,-

Portable Suction General Care 7EA

Alat Penyedot Dahak (Phlegm Suction Unit) bermanfaat

Alat Penyedot Dahak (Phlegm Suction Unit) bermanfaat untuk merawat pasien dengan gangguan lendir atau dahak pada saluran pernafasan. 

Spesifikasi :
Kode: GC 7E-A.
Jenis: Portable Phlegm Suction Pump.
Fungsi: Penyedot Lendir (Dahak).
Dimensi: 280x196x285 (mm).
Power Supply: AC 220V -+10%.
Frekwensi: 50Hz -+2%.
Noise: le 65dB.
Power Consumption: le 90VA (Watt).
Suction Rate: 18L/min. (7E-A).
Max negative pressure value: ge 0.075MPa
Liquid Holder: 1000mL/pc, 1pc.
Berat Pengiriman: 7 kg (volume).

Rp. 1.200.000,-

Moble Suction GEA YBDX 23B

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